Stone experiments

Soapstone sculptures

This experiment trains both the children’s sight, motoric skills and crafting/creation abilities. It allows for the children to follow the transformational process of a material into an artwork of their very own imagination.


Quick facts about the experiment:

Target group

Children 10-16 years old, max 16 persons


Teacher / special education teacher

Time scale

60-120 minutes


classroom or individual therapy room


Training sight, crafting skills and abillity to transform a hard materiel into something of your own choosing. Practicing motor skills.


Soapstones, carving instruments (files/tools), beeswax or leather grease and cloth/fabric to rub beeswax or leather grease on the sculpture/tupilak with, paper, pencils.


How to:

  1. Pick a soapstone that you like. Look at it and touch it. Maybe it has an expression inside of it that you want to bring out of it?
  1. Think about what would be your “power symbol”. What symbol represents you the best? It could be an animal or other types of symbols; heart, star, eye and so on or something you like about yourself.
  1. Make a sketch on a piece of paper of what you want to carve out of the soapstone.
  1.  Carve the soapstone into either what you see in it, your power animal, a symbol or something you like about yourself. Talk aboout your stones. Why did you choose to carve this symbol, animal, thing?
Stone experiments