Stone experiments

Soundscape symphonies

This creative workshop provides the children with an opportunity to explore objects and surroundings tactily by focussing in on the sensation of sound. It visualizes the connection between sounds and their sources.

The experiment trains the children’s understanding of sounds, their sources and the spectrum of sound. It also furthers the children’s ability to produce music/soundscapes based on their own imagination and motivation.

The exercise can be used in a setting with both SEN children, neurotypical children or a mixed group.


Quick facts about the experiment:

Target group

Children from 8 years


Musician/Music teacher / art teacher / group leader

Time scale

30 minutes


class room or another room, it could also be outside


To play with sound, make music, make “organized noise” and to get an idea about how a sound is connected to a sound source


One or two ‘contact microphones’, an amplifier or a speaker, jack stick to connect the microphones to the amplifier or the speaker (Extra: You can also add a mixer and guitar effect pedals – if you have and find it funny), stones or other materials that produce interesting sounds (a tip: Try with water), some kind of bowl made of a sound leading material (e.g. metal like copper and aluminium)


How to:

  1. Connect the contact microphone to the amplifier
  1. Fasten the contact microphone to the bowl using for example tape or another adhesive
  1. Add stones and other materials to the bowl and listen to the sounds that are produced
  1. Try to make a “soundscape” two and two or in bigger groups depending on how many microphones you have. What kind of soundscapes can you create with the everyday objects around you? Explore the different materials and objects.
  1. Remember: It’s important to listen to each other and give space to each other in the process. So, make sure not to make every sound possible at once. Try to see if you can make the sounds come together into an interesting soundscape symphony.
Stone experiments